Building Energy Efficient Homes through the power of retrofit

Our goal is to create healthy homes that are comfortable, cost-effective to run, and have a lower carbon footprint

This way we can contribute to a sustainable future and strive for a net-zero housing sector

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) assess the energy efficiency of a building, providing a rating from A (highly efficient) to G (inefficient).

They offer valuable information to property owners, helping them make informed decisions about energy consumption & environmental impact.

Retrofit Assessments

It outlines a systematic approach to evaluating & planning energy-efficient improvements.

It involves a holistic assessment, considering factors like building condition, energy usage, and occupant needs to guide effective retrofit strategies.


It is a process of overseeing the implementation of energy-efficient measures.

It ensures the delivery of retrofit project to best practice and management of onsite works to ensure improved building performance whilst considering the comfort and well-being of the occupants.

Building Energy Efficient Homes through the power of retrofit

Retrofit Services, Domestic Energy Assessors and Building Surveyors

Welcome to Building Energy Efficient Homes, or BEE Homes for short.

Here we’re dedicated to enhancing the energy efficiency of residential properties. We specialise in transforming homes into healthier, more comfortable, cost-efficient spaces with a minimal carbon footprint through our cutting-edge retrofit solutions.

In addition to our retrofit services, our portfolio extends beyond retrofitting, offering wide range of Building Surveying services, allowing us to support the needs of Owner-Occupied, Social Housing, and Private Rented Sector homes. 

Furthermore, through our sister company, Building Compliance Testing, we excel in new-build environmental planning and building regulation testing to ensure your property meets the highest standards of sustainability.

Want to know the Six Principles of a Good Retrofit?

Your Step-by-Step Guide to our Retrofit Services

All you need to know about Domestic Retrofit

retrofit assessment

1. Retrofit Assessment

An Assessor who will be an Accredited PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessor, Building Surveyor and Domestic Energy Assessor, will carry out an inspection of the building and evaluates the current condition of the property, conducts an energy assessment and asks a quick few questions about occupancy to identify areas for improvement.

2. Retrofit Plan

Based on the Retrofit Assessment, a PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinator develops a detailed plan outlining recommended energy-efficient upgrades and renovations, considering factors such as insulation, heating systems, and renewable energy options contained with in an Improvement Option Evaluation and Medium Term Plan known as a Whole House Plan.

retrofit plan
retrofit design

3. Retrofit Design

Based on the Whole House Plan a Retrofit Designer will create a formal design and specification to ensure the chosen retrofit measures are integrated seamlessly and optimised to the home being retrofitted. The retrofit designer ensures that the retrofit plan aligns with industry standards and regulations.

4. Retrofit Installation

The chosen PAS 2030 Accredited Contractors execute the retrofit plan, which can include installing insulation, upgrading heating and ventilation systems, and incorporating energy-saving technologies. Throughout the duration the Retrofit Coordinator will oversee the works for quality assurance and ensure all testing, commissioning and handovers have been completed and documented in accordance with PAS 2035.

retrofit installation
retrofit monitoring evaluation

5. Evaluation and Monitoring

A follow-up assessment is performed by Retrofit Coordinator and Specialist Consultants to confirm that the retrofit measures have effectively improved the property’s energy performance and reduced its environmental impact. This might comprise of questionnaires and/ or performance testing.

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